The surface of the table or board of poker

The surface of the « board « (table, board), manages the reasonable data that the lemon cards give us and that frequently slips through the cracks. It will bring us amazing dissatisfactions on the off chance that we don’t give due consideration to them. The “surface of the table” is viewed as the association of the local area cards among themselves, similarly as these will interface with the secret cards of our adversaries.

Commonly, consumed in our game or play, possibly winning, we stay away from clear and clear data that would put us on alarm, understanding that our triumphant hand can really be or turn into a fair hand, ruining a decent piece of our stack notwithstanding complete.

Allow us in this manner to examine the various surfaces that we will find on the table and that ought to make us aware of the resulting risks.


Flop “Rainbow” (rainbow): It happens when the three cards on the lemon are of various suits. It lets us know that there is no flush, not even flush draws between the players. Anyway, some indirect access draw, which they should hit on the turn and stream to finish. These are just finished 4% of the time.

Rainbow Flop with high cards (9 or higher): We dispose of flushes and flush draws yet we should be extremely mindful of conceivable straight draws from a higher place. The lemon with a solitary high card, welcome to play with top-pair or over-pair, presumably having the best hand up to that second. A decent choice would be a check-raise, fully intent on wiping out players. Different case, assuming somebody wagers and another raises, we will have obvious indicators that we are not winning and we should evaluate the choice of pulling out.

Rainbow Flop with low cards (8 or less): We dispose of flushes and flush draws yet as in the past case, we will be mindful of conceivable straight draws. The ideal is too wagered enormous to dispense with players, yet if somebody re-raises, almost certainly, they will beat you.


Flop with two cards of a similar suit and with a couple: Flush draws lose strength when there is a couple on the board, since there is an unmistakable chance that a full house can be finished or even has previously been finished. Assuming that we as of now have our variety connected, we should play with alert despite this assumption.

Flop with three cards of a similar suit: It is one of those cases, which don’t be ignored, 3 cards of a similar suit on the failure, ought to draw our consideration enough. Obviously there will be more than one flush draw, so assuming we have that draw, we should purchase data by bet/s and in this way safeguard ourselves from an unrivaled flush. On account of having a flush on the lemon to the expert or ruler, the two best deceives to win the hand, we will attempt to get the most extreme return before they understand the capability of our hand.

Associated cards

We will extend our perspective on the surface of the board by taking a gander at the lemon when we spot two associated cards like QK, or near one another like 7-9 and so on.

Flop with two associated cards: They lead to straight draws that slip through the cracks more effectively than flush attracts my viewpoint, so they ought to be offered unique consideration. Then again, twofold coordinates are likewise preferred, since it is normal to play with connectors and fit connectors that are matched with those on the board.

Flop with 3 associated cards: They lead to straight draws or made straights. Albeit more clear than in the past point, yet they require being centered on the game. It is an exceptionally hazardous sort of failure for our possibilities winning the hand.

Couple on the board

Sheets with a couple on the failure make it simple for players to make trips. It is obvious that on the off chance that we hit a bunch of this sort on the failure, we will have areas of strength for a, which, given the likelihood that a rival has likewise hit it, should be joined by a decent kicker or play with alert. We could in fact find that having the three of a sort attached with the most ideal kicker, they show us a full house in the tied standoff on a similar lemon or later.

Three high cards

A lemon with the 3 high cards, model A – 10 – Q, makes a ton of play be made given the inclination of players to play with high cards as well, it is thus that we will require major areas of strength for an at standoff to win the hand. . Blends of various matches will effectively have been made with that failure, hence, we should have basically the top pair with a decent kicker to win the hand. This without neglecting to notice the high probabilities of getting a decent straight draw in the event that not the actual one previously finished by one of our opponents, currently on a similar failure or later.

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