Medusa 2 is another popular game from the PGSLOT camp, with gamers requesting a sequel to the first Medusa Slot game,

which had been available for play for some years before to its release. There are several more lucrative new ones. Our team is discussing the camp’s demand that Medusa be rebuilt into Medusa 2, despite the fact that many players continue to like the game’s mystery-based concept.

PG SLOT Medusa 2 Medusa God Game

Medusa 2 slot game or Medusa god game The game’s theme is based on Greek mythology. This is the story of the gorgeous goddess Medusa. Originally, the goddess Medusa was regarded to have the most gorgeous look of any young lady. Instead, the gods tormented her and transformed her into a terrifying beast. It has a snake’s body and hair. If someone encountered her gaze by chance, they would immediately turn to stone. A Greek hero called Zeus agreed to travel to the abandoned city at the end of the black River of Death in order to confront Medusa.

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How to Play Medusa 2 Slot Game Real Money Play is Simple

Medusa II is an engaging slot game sequel by PG SLOT that features Medusa games. The classic game has been redesigned to make it simpler to play. There is a greater rate of bonus distribution. There is even greater enjoyment. Essentially, the gaming mechanism is a 5-reel, 3-row 3D video slot. There are eleven unique symbols in the game, including both main prize and booster symbols. Get three reds before you may play the 10 free spins mode. Obtain an abundance of additional goodies.

medusa 2 slot game jackpot win simple win bonus game

The jackpot payoff for the Medusa 2 slot game is determined by the arrangement of symbols from reel 1 on the far left to reel 3 on the far right. If there are 3 or more duplicate photos, the award will be determined instantly. There are nine reward symbols and two bonus symbols that make winning rewards simpler. It will give information of 4 significant symbols as follows

The Scatter Symbol for Medusa 2 is a crimson jewel. If at least three scatter symbols appear, you will receive 10 free spins in a bonus mode with a greater payoff percentage. with increased prize amounts And no cash are required to spin this bonus mode at all. 100 percent profit

Unique Symbol

The Wild symbol in the Medusa 2 slot game is Zeus. Which has the distinctive feature that can substitute for all 9 common reward symbols, but can not substitute for only one Scatter symbol, having the Wild Symbol to assist make it simpler for you to win extra prizes To have a bigger number of awards in every form of play ever

Perseus Armor Symbol

The Perseus Armor symbol is the most often winning symbol with the biggest payoff. If it appears in a sequence on three to five paylines, the payoff will be between 15 and 300 times the wager, regardless of whether it is a Mega Win, Super Win, or SuperMega Win. The Zeus armor symbol is required for a Mega Win, Super Win, or SuperMega Win. portion of the reward Therefore, it is another key emblem of the Medusa 2 game.

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Perseus shield glyph

The Zeus shield symbol is the second highest payoff symbol in the Medusa 2 slot game. It has a lesser payoff ratio than the Perseus Armor symbol if it appears consecutively on three to five paylines, with payouts ranging from 10 to 1,050x. However, the odds of receiving a payout from Perseus’ shield are exponentially greater.

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